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  • Author: Jordan Q.
    I have really dry hair, and I have yet to find anything that really works to keep it from being really dry. What are some good dry hair tips, or some shampoo, that will help to bring health back to my hair?
    Topic: Hair Care
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    • The following website offers you 10 simple home remedies and tips to keep your hair from being dry: For finding a shampoo that works for your hair I would really recommend shopping around and considering all factors including your allergies if any, whether you dye your hair or not, and if you're prone to split ends. A pretty decent and affordable shampoo that I found works pretty well is the Herbal Essences line or you might want to try something from Tresemme.
      Answered by: Mildred A.
  • Author: Jasmine G.
    My son is wanting some exercise equipment to use at home, but we do not have space for a treadmill or weight bench. What are some other indoor exercise equipment that would satisfy him yet allow me to walk through my home without climbing over machines?
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    • If you are looking for some exervcise equipment that will not take up too much space, consider a jump rope, exercise ball, or perhaps and ab machine. There are also several great treadmills and elliptical machines that fold up after use to limit the amount of space they take up.
      Answered by: Chelsea Q.
  • Author: Jesse U.
    I have always has issues with dry hair and seem to continue with this issue. I realize that it may actually be the products I am using. What are some natural or organic products that I can use
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    • Two products will work wonders for your hair. Try out Dessert Essence Organic Shampoo for Dry Hair, and a Chinese Herb called Fo Ti, that is healthy for your hair, skin, and nails.
      Answered by: Pavel E.
  • Author: Christina U.
    My hair has become dry and brittle now that I am in my 50's. What ingredients in hair products should I avoid when purchasing products for dry hair?
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    • Many hair care products have Hydrolyzed Soy Protein. If you are allergic, avoid it, along with Silicon Dioxide.
      Answered by: Erin E.
  • Author: Brianna P.
    I've been researching the HCG diet, and would like to give it a try. I would like to try the injections, as I think they would work the best. Can I purchase the HGC injections online, or this there somewhere special I have to go to buy them?
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    • You can purchase the hcg drops online but will need to see a doctor for injections. To find a provider in your area visit
      Answered by: Anna Z.

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